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Toddy Smart Cloth

5x7 Dual-sided microfiber cleaning cloth for screens, glasses & lenses

The Toddy Smart Cloth is your mobile device's best friend. It effectively cleans screens without harsh liquids. It offers a protective antimicrobial coating and is safe for sensitive surfaces. Perfectly sized for smartphones & touchscreens!

Pocket Toddy

5x7 on-the-go microfiber cleaning cloth for screens, glasses & lenses

The Pocket Toddy is the perfect tech accessory to clean screens and showcase brands on the go! The Pocket Toddy is a 5x7 microfiber Smart Cloth that folds into a small pocket for travel-sized storage and multi-functional cleaning. Attach it to your keychain, backpack, or purse with the elastic tab and watch smudges disappear.

The Wedge™

Stylish desk accessory holds mobile devices & cleans screens

The Wedge occupies premium desk space while cradling mobile devices to keep your brand on the top of everyone's mind. Like the Smart Cloth, it offers the same premium microfiber with a protective antimicrobial coating to quickly de-smudges screens. This product is sure to be used daily!

ASI: 91411 • SAGE: 69113 • PPAI: 51667